Transport Working Group


The Transportation Working Group has the following goals:

  • To provide a focal point for dissemination of systems engineering knowledge within the broader transportation sector in Australia.
  • To contribute to collaboration in systems engineering practice, education, and research in the transportation sector.
  • To improve the professional status of all persons engaged in the practice of systems engineering within the transportation sector.
  • To encourage governmental and industrial support for research and educational programs that will improve the systems engineering process and its practice in the transportation sector.


The Transportation Working Group focuses on the following civil systems: 

  • Ground-based people and goods conveyance systems (moving sidewalks)
  • Vertical conveyance systems (Elevators & Escalators)
  • Heavy Rail (Passenger and Freight)
  • Bus, Bus Rapid Transit
  • Metro Transit and Light Rail
  • People-Movers, Trams, Monorails
  • Roads and Highway systems (autonomous systems)
  • Marine Transport Systems
  • Ride-share systems
  • Active Transport (Human Powered).
  • Smart Cities – integrated multimodal solutions


The SESA Transportation Working Group is led nationally by the Transportation and Cities Domain Lead from the SESA Executive Committee; Ruben Welschen and currently has about 30 active volunteers. 

The TWG has state-based committees and the following State Chairs: 

  • Malaeka Nadeem – NSW Chair
  • Eduardo Bellon- Victoria Chair
  • Hitesh Patel – QLD Chair

Local committees come together monthly to discuss SE matters and organise events. If you are keen to contribute or get more information about the local committees, please contact

The SESA TWG works with and builds on the INCOSE TWG for sector related content and information. For information about the INCOSE TWG, click here.

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