Engineering Process Standards Working Group

Robust engineering process standards, correctly applied, are central to the ability of organisations to deliver quality products in a repeatable way.

The SESA Engineering Process Standards Working Group provides an avenue for organisations to influence international standards to ensure that they remain applicable to their business and provide support needed to enable development and maintenance of quality systems.

The INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook is structured around the processes and activities defined in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 Systems and software engineering – System life cycle processes. As this represents key guidance for the practice of Systems Engineering it is important that practitioners have input to the evolution of these life cycle standards.

Participants in the Engineering Process Standards Working Group will have opportunity to comment in the balloting of standards supported by Standards Australia [IT-015 Software and Systems Engineering committee]( tteeNumber=IT-015&CommitteeName=Software%20and%20Systems%20Engineerin g “IT-015 Software and Systems Engineering”), a shadow committee to ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC7.

The standards to be supported by this working group will be the core System and Software Life Cycle and supporting standards indicated in the figure below. SC7_Standards_Collection_2012-05566x494{width=”500″ height=”437″}

Should you wish to have an influence over the development of these standards by participating in this important standards committee work then please contact XX.

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