INCOSE SE Handbook Knowledge Exam

In order to sit the INCOSE SE Handbook Knowledge Exam you need to study the INCOSE SE handbook which is available through the INCOSE website.

The exam contains 100 scored questions. It may have 0, 20, or 50 additional questions that do not count toward the candidate’s score. These are beta questions, which are being evaluated for the future. The exam duration is 1 minute per question, including both scored and unscored questions. A 120-question exam is standard and lasts 120 minutes. Special accommodations are available and include additional time.

You are permitted a maximum of 3 examination attempts within the period of ASEP or CSEP application submission.  Further information about the exam, including sample questions, is available on the INCOSE website.

Please note:  For CSEP applications you may choose to sit the Knowledge Exam any time after you have submitted your application i.e. in advance of the CSEP review panel completion or once you have passed the CSEP review panel.

As per the information on the ASEP Application and CASE Development page you may also sit the exam in order to achieve ASEP prior to applying for CSEP.

 There are two options with regards to sitting the INCOSE Knowledge Exam: Computer based or paper based:

  • Computer Based: From 1 April 2021 INCOSE will be offering online testing, which candidates can do from a location of their choice, with their own computer through Examity. This system uses live, remote, video proctoring and immediate pass/fail results displayed on screen. In order to sit a computer-based exam you need to lodge an ASEP or CSEP application, pay the application fee and a link will be sent directly to you.  The fee for sitting the exam via Examity if $80USD payable directly to the provider.   Further information on the Computer Based exam including a Testing Guide is available on the INCOSE website.
  • Paper Based: SESA hold paper based exams at various times throughout the year – these are usually aligned to major events such as SETE or ASEW however may also be held ad hoc if there is a demand.  For information on paper based exams please contact


UNSW Equivalency Program

The INCOSE Certification Program has recently begun to recognize academic programs as an alternative to the INCOSE knowledge exam as a way for individuals to prove their systems engineering knowledge. Students in these programs will be able to bypass the knowledge exam on their path to becoming an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) or Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). Further information about the INCOSE Equivalency Program can be found on the INCOSE website.

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