ASEP Applications and CASE Development

This component of the CASE program is applicable to professional Engineers that have systems engineering knowledge but have not yet attained the experience necessary to fulfil the minimum requirements for completing a CSEP application under CASE Pathway 2 – CSEP to CPEng.

Many sources of SE training and development are available to support developing systems engineers. SESA is currently developing a ‘Resources’ page and the link will be made available here once finalized.

Whilst in this stage you may pay the fee and apply for, and undertake the INCOSE SE Handbook Knowledge exam to gain, Associated Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification by INCOSE.

To apply for ASEP please complete CASE Form 1a and submit to

Once sufficient experience has been attained, you may then pay the fee (ASEP to CSEP transition) and apply for CSEP through CASE Pathway 2.

ASEP certification will remain valid for a period of 5 years allowing time to gain the experience to pursue CASE Pathway 2. ASEP certified applicants applying for CSEP need not complete the INCOSE SE Handbook Knowledge Exam a second time provided the application is made within 5 years of gaining ASEP.

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