Chartered Australian Systems Engineer (CASE) Program

INCOSE facilitates the recognition of the following Systems Engineering competencies:

  1. Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification – for graduates wanting to be recognised as knowledgeable but without demonstrated experience.
  2. Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification – for professional systems engineering practitioners who have demonstrated knowledge and experience in many aspects of the discipline.
  3. Chartered Professional Engineering in the Systems Engineering area of Practice (CPEng SE), via mutual recognition agreement with Engineers Australia, for professional systems engineering practitioners who have attained CSEP.
    Further information including ASEP Applications and CSEP applications can be found on the pages linked to the right.

If you require further information, or have questions, relating to the ASEP or CSEP process please visit the INCOSE website.


Details provided here support becoming a Chartered Australian Systems Engineer (CASE) through achieving:

  • Certification as a Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certified by INCOSE, and
  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) certification from Engineers Australia, registered in the System Engineering (SE) area of practice

Guidance is also provided to support developing systems engineers achieving recognition by INCOSE as an Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) as a pathway to future CASE applications.  This includes valuable information and links to assist in gaining knowledge on Systems Engineering and CSEP preparation, including INCOSE SE Handbook knowledge exam training.

All information regarding the CASE program including ASEP Applications, CASE Development and CSEP applications can be found on the certification pages (to the right hand side of the screen).


CPEng (SE Area of Practice)

With regards to achieving CPEng certification in the SE Area of Practice there are 4 options available, please click here and scroll down to ‘Guidance for applying for Chartered in specific Areas of Practice’ > ‘1. Systems Engineering’ for more information.

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