Upcoming Events

Writing Good Requirements – Nita Wiroonsup

Join SESA Victoria Chapter where Nita will explore key aspects of formulating effective system requirements. Nita will discuss the sources that contribute to a project's requirements and delve into the components of a well-crafted requirement. Nita will also discuss common […]

SySTEAM 2023 Mini-Conference

SySTEAM has confirmed the dates for its first-ever mini-conference: July 27-28, 2023! This online event is intended to provide individuals from around the globe with the opportunity to convene, discuss, and exchange ideas relating to the intersection between systems STEM/STEAM […]

Australasian Simulation Congress (ASC) 2023

SESA has partnered with Simulation Australasia (SimAust) to deliver an integrated transdisciplinary conference/workshop event in the form of the Australasian Simulation Congress (ASC) 2023. With a theme of “Life between reality and simulation”, ASC 2023 will be held from the […]

Asia Oceania Systems Engineering Conference (AOSEC) 2023

Asia Oceania Systems Engineering Conference (AOSEC) 2023 marks the 14th edition of the conference series (previously known as APCOSEC), and is planned to be held in Bangalore, India, on 11-14 October, 2023. The main events for the conference will be […]

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